Navigate Tokyo subway system like a pro

It is common for tourists or even locals to get lost in Tokyo’s subway stations. Foreign travellers or locals from the countryside coming to Tokyo may end up paying far much more by taking taxis rather than using the most convenient transport means. It would be smarter to have it well planned and clearly figured out how to get to your destination via subway before your journey.
No worries! Here are four simple tips to give you peace of mind for your train ride in Tokyo.

Tip 1: Always bring the metro map and ask for help if you need

Download the metro app or get a metro map at any subway entrance. Plan your destination and make sure you know where to change the trains.

If you still have difficulty, you can easily seek help from the staff at the ticket office. Even though they may not be fluent in English, they will try their best to point you to the right direction. Seeking advice from others is the first thing you should do when you get lost.

Tip 2: Know the major interchange stations

Tokyo’s subway lines are confusing but it would be much easier to understand if you locate interchange stations. For instance, Akasaka-mitsuke lines in the middle of subway system which links two well-connected lines - Ginza and Marunouchi. It will lead you the ways to major shopping areas including Shinjuku, Ginza, Shibuya and Ikebukuro.

Tip 3: Cross walkable interchange stations on foot

Some of the subway stations in Tokyo, such as Nagatacho, Shinbashi and Shinjuku, are close to each other and you can easily walk instead of having to cross several interchange stations.

Another example: If you want to change to the Namboku, Hanzomon or Yurakucho line via the Akasaka-mitsuke station (see Tip 2), it’s much easier to walk to Nagatacho station through a long tunnel.

Tip 4: Check the correct exit

Most of the subway stations have too many exits and you can easily get lost. Check with staff on duty to figure out the correct exit first. If you accidentally head out a wrong exit, the best thing to do is to return to the subway entrance, and ask the staff for help.

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