Guide - Taste - Tsukiji Itadori Uogashi Senryo (築地虎杖魚河岸千両)

Tsukiji Itadori Uogashi Senryo (築地虎杖魚河岸千両)

Time to be greedy! A huge sashimi rice bowl with 12 kinds of seafood.
Opening Hours Everyday 7am - 11pm on Monday to Saturday; 7am - 9pm on Sunday and public holidays

Ranked as the best restaurant in Tsukiji Fish Market, the well-known seafood market in Tokyo is where you can enjoy the original Kaisen Hitsumabushi (don). An English explanation is available, teaching you how to enjoy the delicious rice bowl. The first step is to take a small bowl with soy sauce and wasabi. For the second step, you can mix the sashimi and rice with sweet mushrooms, lotus roots and dried gourd shavings. For the last step, pour dashi sauce in the third bowl and eat it while it’s hot! Don't wait too long to come and enjoy the delicacies because Tsukiji Fish Market will be relocating soon!

Transport Tsukiji station, 5-minute walk; Tsukijishijo Station, 5-minute walk
+81 3 5565 5739
4-10-14,Tsukiji, Chuo, Tokyo 104-0045

1. The fresh urchins displayed outside the entrance tell you when you’ve arrived at one of the hottest restaurants in Tsukiji.

2. The seats at the counter are always occupied with people seeking a closer look at how their seafood is prepared.

3. Located near Tsukiji Fish Market, Tsukiji Itadori Uogashi Senryo is the ideal place to enjoy a satisfying dinner after spending a long day shopping.

4. Apart from the signature kaisen hitsumabushi (seafood over rice), you can also order other seafood bowls (kaisendon) with different toppings, as well as nigiri sushi.

5. Though open till 11:00 pm, kaisen hitsumabushi is only served for lunch, so come early if you want to try this popular dish!

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