Guide - Taste - Toshi Yoroizuka (Ebisu Branch) (Toshi Yoroizuka 恵比寿)

Toshi Yoroizuka (Ebisu Branch) (Toshi Yoroizuka 恵比寿)

Opening Hours 11am to 8pm (normally closed on Tuesdays).

Patisserie Toshi Yoroizuka was the winner at the French International Confectionary Trade Fair, so why not try some of his world-renowned pastries? If it’s your first time here, you must try the speciality Jean-Pierre. When you pierce its shiny surface with your fork, you’ll be greeted with a centre filled with moist cream and crunchy nuts. Don’t miss out on the exquisite texture of this wonderful pastry!

There is a wealth of sweet spots for gourmet travellers from around the world who are visiting Tokyo. Head out on your own mission and find some dessert gems!

+81 3 3443 4390
1-32-6 Ebisu Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0013

1. Within the glass doors is a paradise for dessert lovers.

2. Cakes and tarts are delicately made with seasonal fruit from the shops’ own farm, ensuring consistent taste and appearance.

3. Through exquisite flavour, Toshi Yoroizuka would change your impression of swiss rolls forever!

4. Assorted desserts in the fridge await you. Make sure you grab a few!

5. Love your trip to Toshi Yoroizuka? Don’t forget to bring a souvenir for your family and friends!

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