Guide - Taste - Sushidai (すし大)

Sushidai (すし大)

One of the most popular sushi shops in Tsukiji Market
Opening Hours 5am – 4pm on Monday to Saturday; regular holiday on Sunday

Tsukiji Market is well known for its raw fish market and sushi shops. Sushidai is the most popular sushi shop in the market. Every morning, there is a long queue waiting outside the shop. The best time to arrive is around noon as the queues maybe shorter. The sushi is fresh and delicious, and the chefs are friendly enough to chat with customers and even allow you to take pictures with them. Make sure you visit this restaurant soon, because Tsukiji Fish Market will be relocated in 2017.

Transport Hibiya Line Tsukiji Station (5-minute walk)
+81 3 3547 6797
2/F,Tsukiji market 6 Building, Tsukiji, Tokyo 104-0045
築地市場内6号館 2階

1. Toro (tuna belly) is normally one of the most expensive items on a sushi menu. But here, you can enjoy toro and even otoro (extra fatty tuna) in a reasonable price.

2. Shrimp is one of the original Edo-style sushi ingredients. Whether raw, steamed or grilled, it always tastes good with rice.

3. Juicy razor clam is a popular choice among sushi lovers. At Sushidai, clams and other seafood are procured fresh every morning.

4. With its lovely red hue, surf clam sushi is also famous, and a definite must for shellfish fans.

5. Japanese cuisine is famous for its delicate plating. Getting together with friends over sushi offers everyone the chance to take some fantastic foodie photos.

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