Guide - Taste - Niku no Mansei (「肉の万世」、ステーキ界の王様)

Niku no Mansei (「肉の万世」、ステーキ界の王様)

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Niku no Mansei was established in 1949 in Akihabara as a butcher and deli but today is a popular restaurant chain specialising in steak. People come in droves to enjoy the tender steak and sukiyaki, a beef and soy hotpot. Sukiyaki is one of their pricier dishes, but the lunch set sukiyaki (2,800 yen) has more than enough meat to satisfy carnivores and yet stay wallet-friendly.

+81 3 3251 0291
2-21, Suda-cho, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0041

1. The exterior of the restaurant is decorated with Japanese lanterns, creating an inviting environment.

2. If you look closely at the red lanterns, you’d realize that they’re of different designs and patterns.

3. Many families choose to come here together because the food plaza serves safe, healthy and kid-friendly meals.

4. Could anyone in this world ever resist a piece of succulent, perfectly pink cut?

5. Set meals are recommended because they include different cuts of beefs.

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