Guide - Taste - Kabuki Soba-Ginza

Kabuki Soba-Ginza

Soba is served with various fried crispy items
Opening Hours 9am – 11pm (Monday to Friday); 5pm – 11pm (Sunday to Sunday)

Originally located right at the front of the Kabuki building, the popular soba noodle shop now dishes up soba noodles around the back after the iconic building was renovated.

The most popular item is the morikake soba  a steal at only 470 yen. Soba is served with various fried crispy items, in particular a type of tempura called kakiage.

Kabuki Soba fans dash here to get their daily soba fix and you'll have to try it to understand why.

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+81 3 3545 6800 +81 3 6745 0333
4-12-15 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061

1. This humble traditional lamp attracts soba lovers from all over seeking a tasty experience.

2. You know it’s authentic soba when the shop is crowded with local diners and handled by a senior chef.

3. The restaurant’s entrance is in a small alley, at the back of the iconic Kabuki building in Ginza.

4. Located next door to a lush green wall, the restaurant offers tasty soba in big portions.

5. Nothing tops al dente soba noodles with fried crispy snacks as a comfort food for the young and old.

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