Guide - Taste - Hatsunezushi (初音鮨)

Hatsunezushi (初音鮨)

Take a selfie with a two-star Michelin sushi chef
Opening Hours 5.30pm-7.45pm, 8pm-10.30pm on Monday to Saturday. Open 12pm-2pm, 5.30pm – 7.45pm, 8pm – 10.30pm on Saturday only. Regular holiday: Sundays.

The atmosphere in Hatsunezushi is not as serious as other Michelin-star restaurants. Flipping through the Facebook page of Hatsunezushi, most of the photos are selfies of the boss, Mieko Nakaji, his wife and his customers. Customers can enjoy the creative toro sushi with four different species of tuna fish. Secret sauce and oyster sushi are also very popular. Don’t forget to take a selfie with the chef and have an unforgettable sushi experience!

Transport Kamata Station, 6-minute walk.
+813 3731 2403
5-20-2 Nishikamata, Ota, Tokyo 144-0051

1. Maguro sashimi (fresh raw tuna) is one of Japan’s most famous delicacies, as well as a speciality of the restaurant.

2. Light and refreshing makimono (sushi roll) is a perfect treat for the eyes as well as your palate.

3. Dark dry seaweed and pure white rice with colourful ingredients make each roll a tiny piece of art.

4. The prawn looks so tempting! In fact, all seafood used in the restaurant is carefully selected, fresh from the sea.

5. The delicate presentation of each dish also provides excellent photo ops for food bloggers.

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