Guide - Taste - Amaikko (愛は永遠に かき氷 甘いっこ)

Amaikko (愛は永遠に かき氷 甘いっこ)

Opening Hours 12pm - 10pm; closed on Tuesday

A must-try when you’re in Tokyo. You’ll be able to tell how popular Amaikko is from its long queue that’s always snaking out the door. The shop is famous for its kakigoori (shaved ice dessert), topped with fruit and condensed milk, which school students devour while chatting with friends. In fact, a graduate student has just taken over the reins after the shop was almost forced to close, so the youthful vibe lives on.

+81 3 3333 3023
1-2-1 Gotenyama, Musashino-shi, Tokyo180-0005

1. The shop is especially popular on a hot Summer’s day causing crowds to flock in for a refreshing dessert.

2. A welcoming environment and a delicious dessert are always the best complement to conversations with family and friends.

3. Something is bound to be what you like in the wide variety of items offered by the shop.

4. The neighboring stores are used to the long queues outside the shop during rush hour.

5. The clashing colours on the dessert sent my taste buds tingling.

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