Guide - See / Do - Honmon-ji (池上本門寺)

Honmon-ji (池上本門寺)


The head temple of the Nichiren sect of Buddhism, it is said to be the sacred site where Nichiren himself died. It was built over 700 years ago and features 96 flights of stone stairs that open onto a sprawling temple interior that is over a whopping 231,000 square metres. It contains a five-story pagoda built in 1608 and recognised as an Important Cultural Property, not to mention a beautiful garden and plenty of other sights. Visiting this temple is said to bring wealth and fulfil your wishes! You can also sample the famous kudzu starch cakes sold in the shopping street in front of the station.

1-1-1 Ikegami, Ōta-ku, Tokyo 146-8576 10-minute walk from Ikegami Station (Tōkyū Ikegami Line)
東京都大田区池上1-1-1 東急池上線池上駅から徒歩10分

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