Guide - Experience - Sumida Edokirikokan workshop

Sumida Edokirikokan workshop

Engrave attractive traditional patterns on glass and choose the colour
Opening Hours 10am - 6pm, closed on Sundays and Holiday

Edo Kiriko, a traditional glass craft of Tokyo renowned throughout Japan, has marked its beauty and speciality with its delicate geometrical colourful patterns. The glassware is made by cutting delicate patterns into the glass surface. Be an artisan for one-day and emulate your favourite pattern on the glass. The workshops are provided in both Japanese and English.

Transport 6-minute walk from Kinshicho Station
+81 3 3623 4148
2-10-9 Taihei, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-0012

1. The vivid colours and varied shapes in these Edo kiriko glassware displays are beautiful even before a closer inspection of their designs.

2. The beautiful, delicately cut designs and patterns engraved on the glass bend and reflect light, creating small pieces of art.

3. Search for the wooden sign that advertises Sumida Edo Kiriko-kan. You can even try creating your own Edo kiriko glass here!

4. Each piece is engraved with minute detail by expert artisans dedicated to their craft.

5. After choosing a colourful piece of glassware and traditional Japanese patterns for it, you can take your masterpiece home with you.

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