Guide - Experience - Edo sarasa cotton dyeing workshop at Some-no-Sato Futaba-en

Edo sarasa cotton dyeing workshop at Some-no-Sato Futaba-en

An extraordinary dyeing experience
Opening Hours Every day except Sundays and Mondays

Fascinated by the colourful patterns on Japanese traditional clothing? Here’s your chance to become an artisan for one-day and dye an authentic Edo sarasa cotton centrepiece. Edo Sarasa, as pecial dyeing technique that can create fine patterns, is distinguished for its exotic patterns, finest lines and delicate use of colours. The dyeing technique is commonly used on Kimonos.

Transport Nakai Station, Exit A2 (4-minute walk)
+81 3 3368 8133
2-3-6 Kamiochiai, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 161-0034

1. At this kimono workshop, you can experience hands-on the craft of Edo-Sarasa (stencil printing), a textile art commonly used to create exotic patterns.

2. Cut with delicate patterns, handmade Japanese paper was used as stencil over which dye was brushed onto fabrics like silk and calico.

3. After the workshop, you can sit down to relax and enjoy a fragrant cup of traditional green tea.

4. Japanese-style fans, with traditional print patterns, offer a nice and affordable choice of souvenirs to take home to friends and family.

5. The workshop will introduce you to many interesting things, such as hikizome, a technique where dye is brushed onto wet fabric.

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