Guide - Buy - Kappabashi Dougu Street (合羽橋道具街)

Kappabashi Dougu Street (合羽橋道具街)

Get your Japanese kitchen knives at Kappabashi
Opening Hours 9am to 5pm (Holidays vary by shop.)

Aspiring chef? Running 800 metres north to south, check out over 170 specialty homeware stores here. This market offers Japanese, Chinese, and Western tableware and lacquerware, Japanese confectionery and bread makers, kitchen tools and utensils, food ingredients, packaging supplies, and more. The beauty is that even ordinary consumers can buy professional appliances and implements. Japanese kitchen knives and faux food samples are a favourite among tourists.

Transport By car: Shuto Expressway No. 1 Ueno Route Iriya Exit By train: 15-min. walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Tawaramachi Station By bus: Toei Bus to Kikuyabashi
+81 3 3844 1225
3-18-2 Matsugaya, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0036

1. Signage, blackboards, lamps, lanterns – they have everything a restaurant needs to attract diners from across the street, and maybe a fun little accessory for your kitchen!

2. Take a look at the bowls, steaming wares, and rolling pins. You could look like a pro with these hanging on the kitchen wall, even if you can’t cook like one!

3. Beautifully painted Japanese bowls are sold here at bargain prices, making every dish look just a tad more scrumptious.

4. To a chef, a good, high-quality knife is as important as a samurai's sword. That's why some of these handmade knives cost a fortune.

5. Looking out over Kappabashi Dougu Street is Giant Chef. When you see his iconic face, you know you’re in the right place!

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