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Tokyo is a city of infinite possibility. Whether it be art, shopping, dining, or something else entirely, we know a place in Tokyo that has what you’re looking for.

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Dreaming about the most authentic experience in Tokyo? Read our recent stories here and get the best tips for your trip.

3 100 yen stores you can’t miss this Summer in Tokyo

Discover places to update your summer without breaking the bank!


Chow down: Eat where the locals go

Originally located right at the front of the Kabuki building, the popular soba noodle shop ....

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Navigate Tokyo subway system like a pro

It is common for tourists or even locals to get lost in Tokyo’s subway stations. Foreign travellers or locals from the countryside coming to Tokyo may end up paying far much more by taking taxis rather than using the most convenient transport means.


Kanpai to serious business in Japan

Communicating with colleagues, business partners and especially the boss is crucial for doing business in Japan, and drinking outside of the workplace is regarded as a very important mode of communication.


Top 5 Tokyo hotels for business travellers

With 51 Fortune 500 companies calling Tokyo home, the capital of Japan is one of the most important financial hubs in the world.


A beginner's guide to sumo

Sumo wrestling is one of Japan’s most popular traditional sports. And even though the game looks complicated, the rules are fairly simple and the atmosphere of a match is incomparable.


Top 5 Tokyo shops to get all things gaming and anime

When it comes to anime and games, Tokyo is a Mecca among Meccas, and Akihabara, Ikebukuro, and Nakano are its holiest sites.


Tokyo: A shopper’s paradise

When it comes to the most populated metropolitan area in the world, Tokyo is no slouch in the shopping department. Need to keep all those people satisfied, after all! And it just so happens that we know the spots to make you a happy customer indeed.


Enjoy the splendour of Tokyo’s four seasons

Each season reveals a whole new aspect of the city we know and love. If you’re wondering which......


4 coolest stationery stores in Tokyo

Who says stationery is always functional and boring? There’s no place like Tokyo when shopping ...


5 coolest stationery stores in Tokyo

Who says stationery is always functional and boring? There’s no place like Tokyo when shopping ...

Insider Guide

Tokyo Area Tokyo Station

The famous red-bricked Marunouchi Building ofTokyo Station was designed in 1914 by renowned architect ....

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