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Check out the news from the streets of Tokyo to keep you up to speed with all the latest travel information. We’ve also lined up some of the best events in town. Catch a ride to Tokyo and discover everything this bustling city has to offer!


3 New Openings in Tokyo in February

Explore and enjoy Tokyo’s new openings in February, recommended by our editors.


Why is the “Your Name” Diner is a Must-go for Anime Lovers?

3 reasons Anime lovers will want to dine at “Your Name” cafe!


2 Reasons Why You Should Go To “David Bowie is” Event

Take a break from traditional Japanese temples and immerse in the world of David Bowie!


3 Reasons to Join the Sakura Promotion at Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo

Enjoy the best sakura event from at the Oriental Lounge while overlooking the Tokyo city!


Tech Upgrades in Tokyo’s Public Transportation System

Tokyo tackling language barrier and providing convenient payment options.


3 Reasons Why Tourists Have to Attend the Setsubun Festival in Sensoji Temple

Click and see why Sensoji is the perfect place to enjoy Setsubun in Tokyo!


3 New Restaurants in Tokyo for All Budgets

Looking for new food in a new year? Check out 3 new restaurants in Tokyo!


2 Local Sake Breweries You Must Visit in Fussa

Join a guided tour and find out the secret behind Japan’s quality sake!


Tuna King: the 6-time Winner of Annual Tsukiji Tuna Auction

Check out the winner of Tsukiji’s tuna auction and where to enjoy the tuna king’s trophy!


Omamori: 3 Essentials when Buying Japanese Amulets

From types of omamori to how they should be handled, here’s all you need to know!


3 of Best Greater Tokyo Area’s Universities and Requirements for International Students

Prospective students! Check out the best universities in Tokyo and their requirements!


4 Interesting Customs of Japanese New Year

All you need to know to enjoy the festival and spread the joy to your loved ones!

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